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Getting Ready for Lincoln County Apple Festival
Getting Ready for Lincoln County Apple Festival

27 May, 2018 by BabyBug

We are getting ready for the Lincon County...

Our First Shipment
Our First Shipment

19 April, 2018 by BabyBug

We just processed our first shipment for a...

What is an MPN?
What is an MPN?

15 April, 2018 by BabyBug

So what is an MPN (Myeloproliferative...

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Funding Raised

Funding Raised for Cancer Research.

We want to be as transparent as possible on how much funding we have raised for Cancer research. Below you will find several different categories of our funding raised and how much has been distributed and which platform the funding came from.

  Funding  for Charity    
Source / Charity Sum of Purchase Total Sum of Total Profit Sum of Funding
Website $42.70 $32.22 $9.67
MPN Research 42.7 32.22 9.666
(blank)   0 0
(blank)   0 0
Grand Total $42.70 $32.22 $9.67

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Lincoln County Apple Festival
15 September, 2018